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“The disruptive changes and technological developments that have occurred in the 21st century also bring about environmental problems. Growing concerns about these issues elevate the concept of ‘environmental awareness and sustainability’ to a global scale. Nowadays, rapidly increasing environmental challenges, such as global warming, climate change, ecological, and energy problems, negatively impact our living spaces. The United Nations Global Compact conducts activities aligned with 17 sustainable development goals, collaborating with countries and international organizations to address these issues.

Accordingly, the ‘Beyond Vision: Sustainable Futures in Action – Innovate to Sustain’ conference will be held in a hybrid format (Face-to-face and Online) by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences on September 26-27, 2024. The conference aims to increase awareness of environmental problems through an interdisciplinary approach. Additionally, the goal of the SFAIS 2024 conferences is to bring together academicians and practitioners from different fields to share methods and ideas on sustainable development. Moreover, this conference is a continuation of the series initiated by UNITAR and followed by ELARA and EUT+, aiming to unite international stakeholders with new regional participants.”

(Technological University Dublin and European University of Technology)

John O'Connor

(Technological University Dublin and European University of Technology)
(United Nations Institute for Training and Research -UNITAR)

Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer

(United Nations Institute for Training and Research -UNITAR)
(Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria)

Assoc. Prof. Yoana Pavlova

(Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria)
(Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic)

Assoc. Prof. Jarmila Zimmermannová

(Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic)
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • Energy and Environment
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Social Responsibility
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Economy
  • Technology and Sustainability
  • Globalization and Urbanization
  • Sustainable Development
  • International Environmental Issues
  • Security
  • International Politics and Sustainability
  • Global Environmental Change
  • Global Environmental Politics
  • Sustainability Education
  • Water Literacy
  • Other topics on relevant disciplines.
Conference Program

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